In the present day, where our desire to take to the skies for our well deserved holiday means there are more aircraft flying than ever before in history, we unknowingly rely on the people on the ground to assist the aircrew in keeping us safe. Many airports are still struggling with the challenge of Wildlife Hazard Management, resorting to expensive, inappropriate and often ineffective techniques as they battle to keep the risk of wildlife strikes to a minimum.


With a history of over 25 years providing Wildlife Hazard Management services to the Ministry of Defence (UK) and privately owned airports and airfields around the the world, SafeSkys understands how to effectively manage Wildlife Hazards in and around an aerodrome.

Whether you require fully managed services, or individual services to complement your existing in-house teams, our experienced consultants are best placed to advise you on the optimum strategy to reduce risk whilst staying within budget.

Our unique selling point, and the main contributing factor of our continued success, is the comprehensive nature of our operator training programme. Our trainers, with career backgrounds ranging from Parachute Instructing to Survival Training, are uniquely skilled to deliver unparalleled one-to-one learning tailored to develop the most inexperienced student to become an invaluable asset to mitigating risk at your aerodrome.

The purpose of wildlife management is to reduce the risk to life as much as possible.
Most companies focus on human life, I’m proud to be part of a team that focuses on protecting all life.” 
— Marcus Lloyd-Parker. Senior Wildlife Consultant

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SafeSkys has provided fully managed Wildlife Hazard Management services to the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom for over two decades. Throughout our history, we have provided our services to every major flying station for active operations and training schools.

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