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With over 25 years of experience working with wildlife, we are confidently able to prioritise the safety of aircraft while also preserving rare species attracted to the airfield.

We proudly utilise the skills & experience of academic behavioural specialists to develop & utilise unique tools & methodology to humanely disperse wildlife from a particular environment.
Our intensive wildlife training programs aim to move species which are traditionally killed by those who lack an appreciation for implementing structured psychology.

We do not rely on primitive bird scaring tactics, instead the science of animal behaviour guides our actions & delivers unchallenged results in a multitude of environments.

A lack of dependence on expensive pyrotechniques ensures that our services are priced competitively with a reliance on professional skill & not the making of noise.

Our professional & scientific approach ensures that species do not habituate to the method of scaring, that so often results in a need to conduct a cull.

Professional ethical wildlife hazard management ensures that the need to remove fauna is not the direct result of poor methodology.

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