wildlife hazard management training & 13km ICAO surveys


No two airports face the same challenges. While wildlife hazard management is a problem for every airport, some have additional pest control concerns.

SafeSkys understands the complexities. Tuition in airport wildlife control recognises additional problems, is tailored to meet specific needs and includes firearms instruction. We also employ experts in deer control, the legal use of poisons, pest control and habitat management.



WorldWide Training

SafeSkys has been carrying out training in wildlife hazard management since 1993. Within this time we have provided training for every UK RAF Airfield and over 20 UK Civilian Airports.

SafeSkys has recently undertaken wildlife hazard management training for airports in the Maldives and Bulgaria. We also recently trained staff at Beijing International Airport, China.




There are two training methods offered by SafeSkys.


Wildlife Control experts will train your staff at your airport or staff can attend one of the regular courses at our Wildlife and Habitat Management Training College, in Gatwick. Courses, which are run for airport wildlife control operators and supervisors, are residential and of two days' duration for those with airport experience. There are discounts for six students or more. An additional day should be added if airfield driving and radio experience training is required. We also offer a one day course for ATCOs in Wildlife and Habitat Management and run regional training courses throughout the UK.




In addition to practical wildlife control services, SafeSkys' experts can help airports to meet mandatory safety standards in the most effective and cost-effective way. CAA/ICAO Safeguarding regulations include conducting safeguarding surveys of your airport environment.

Our experts can assist with ICAO 13km safety surveys, WHMP's (Wildlife Hazard Management Plans) and prepare the reports necessary to comply with regulations. We will advise on preventative measures to control future bird strikes and if required, put these proposals in place. Costs for safeguarding surveys, tri-annual site visits and annual inspections compare very favourably with those of our competitors. Our expertise is unchallenged. So are our prices.

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13km Surveys

SafeSkys has carried out surveys for airports worldwide such as:

Sofia International Airport Bulgaria
Norman Manley International Airport Jamaica
Wick and Inverness Airport Scotland
Aberdeen International Airport Scotland
Biggin Hill Airport England
Ramon Airport Israel

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Fast Jet Pilot Ground School

SafeSkys provides Ground School training at Royal Air Force Valley. This includes all technical training on the Hawk T1 aircraft for both the Royal Air Force and overseas foreign air forces flying the Hawk T1 aircraft. SafeSkys personnel also carry out all the SERE (Survive Evade Resist Escape) training for Hawk aircrew which includes escape and evasion exercises for RAF and RN fast jet pilots at RAF Valley.

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